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How to Survive the Titanic
Publication Date : 10/18/2011
Publisher : HarperCollins
Language : eng
ISBN : 9780062094568
Synopsis : A brilliantly original and gripping new look at the sinking of the Titanic through the prism of the life and lost honor of J. Bruce Ismay, the ship?s ownerBooks have been written and films have been made, we have raised the Titanic and watched her go down again on numerous occasions, but out of the wreckage Frances Wilson spins a new epic: when the ship hit the iceberg on April 14, 1912, and one thousand men, lighting their last cigarettes, prepared to die, J. Bruce Ismay, the ship?s owner and inheritor of the White Star fortune, jumped into a lifeboat filled with women and children and rowed away to safety.Accused of cowardice and of dictating the Titanic?s excessive speed, Ismay became, according to one headline, ?The Most Talked-of Man in the World.? The first victim of a press hate campaign, he never recovered from the damage to his reputation, and while the other survivors pieced together their accounts of the night, Ismay never spoke of his beloved ship again.
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Audience : General Adult

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Wilson, a fine literary historian (The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth, 2008), probes the mind of J. Bruce Ismay regarding...


Wilson ( The Ballad of Dorothy Wordsworth , 2009) tells the story of the Titanic 's polarizing owner, who was aboard...

How to Survive the Titanic
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