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Calico Joe
Publication Date : 4/10/2012
Publisher : Random House Digital
Language : ENG
ISBN : 9780385536080
Synopsis : “Grisham knocks it out of the park.”—The Washington PostIt’s the summer of 1973, and Joe Castle is the boy wonder of baseball, the greatest rookie anyone has ever seen. The kid from Calico Rock, Arkansas, dazzles Chicago Cubs fans as he hits home run after home run, politely tipping his hat to the crowd as he shatters all rookie records. Calico Joe quickly becomes the idol of every baseball fan in America, including Paul Tracey, the young son of a hard-partying and hard-throwing
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Audience : General Adult

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Industry Reviews:


A major change of pace from megaseller Grisham. Joe Castle, from Calico Rock, Arkansas, took the baseball world by...


Familial bonds and America's pastime John Grisham’s latest novel, Calico Joe , is something of a departure from the...

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